COTD: Radiohead sings Glen Campbell edition

Despite the beautiful weather in much of the country, certain hipsterish districts will be deserted this weekend, as Radiohead fans hole up and play their latest release. Thom Yorke famously isn't a car fan (hence the songs "Stupid Car" and "Airbag,") and since the new album comes off a little slow according to early word, those of you seeking suitable Radiohead drive material are directed to their version of "Rhinestone Cowboy," all sparkly with depression. The best comments leave us feeling better about the world, and while many in the thread about "Some Old Ford" cleared that bar, one from Dwight deserved highlighting for that reason and a few more:

I just put my Galaxie up on Craigslist a few days ago... I think I'll hold onto it.


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Congratulations, Mr. Dwight, on COTD! I would like to gift you with "Some Old Ford", a 1971 Torino. This lovely lady will bring it to you to keep your other "Some Old Ford" company. Yes, Dwight, do hold on to that Galaxie!!!