Mitch Hedberg belongs to that rare class of entertainer whom everyone can concur was taken from this wheel of sin before he reached his potential. Thanks to the miracles of the tubes, Hedberg has a permanent audience for insights such as the need for arrows. Duurtlang also wondered why people follow some arrows and ignore others based on our story about February sales, a comment that provoked 24 replies and counting:

Pickups and SUVs led the sales surge, while people (rightfully) bitch about rising gas prices? That's odd. Where I'm from the #1 bought new vehicle in January was the VW Polo. In the top 15 the VW Golf, Ford Focus and Renault Megane were the largest vehicles (#16 was the Passat). All of this caused by rising gas prices and tax incentives; more than twice as many new cars sold in January 2011 as in January 2010.
Why aren't people reacting to their surroundings in the US?


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