COTD: I was afraid I'd eat your brains Edition

Yesterday's COTD (a brief return for me while Mike does something fun) was partially an excuse to run a Pavement video. Today, I think I'll use this as an excuse to run a video from The National. It turns out The National originally tried to make a band that sounded like Pavement. They failed. But they ended up with a decent band of their own. The Honda Integra's not quite the homage to the name Integra we'd have put together, but maybe it's ok on its own. Also, did I give Ash78 another COTD? Are you kidding me. I'm gonna kill that Orlove kid.

In 15 years, it'll be superseded by the oddly-spelled MotoRSXycle which, while still fun, will lack the approachability and fun-factor of the original.


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