COTD: Has Anyone Ever Taken Your Car Buying Advice?

We love cars, but when it comes to giving our friends advice, maybe we love cars a little too much.

Today we talked about the biggest misconceptions about gearheads and how it's hard for us to recommend a used Honda Civic when we know there's a sweet E30 wagon on Craigslist right this minute. This provoked some daydreaming on the part of Jetstar 88.


Girl: I'm thinking of getting a Chevrolet Colbalt.

Me: But for the same price, you could get a 1973 Rolls-Royce.

Girl: ...but that won't be reliable, and it's bad for the environment.

Me: *Bullshit cough* Actually, using a car for a long time is better than getting a disposable Chevy.

Girl: But it gets bad mileage.

Me: Fine, but, for the love of god, get a Civic or Mazda3.

Girl: gets Colbalt

Moral: If you want to advise people on cars, don't start with anything awesome. They'll then think anything else (even a Civic) is crazy.

Has anyone ever taken your car buying advice?

Photo Credit: Ed Callow

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