Every time someone asks "What happened to flying cars?" a little part of me dies. Not only are they hopeless impossible to design, but dreaming about organic, sentient space blimps is such a better use of brainpower.

While we were busy being amazed by this Chinese pole transporter, CobraJoe came up with a much better car of the future than any flying nonsense left over from PopSci's glory years.

I know it's FWD, but look at how practical it is! It can carry 20 people, or 50 tube style floaties or a s**tton of horseshoes.

Plus, it's got knobby off road style tires and is made from renewable resources!

It's greener than a Prius, more useable than an SUV, and looks better than a Corolla.

This, gentlemen, is the future.

On a stick.

Photo Credit: Doug Duncan