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COTD: E-meme-u-lation edition

Illustration for article titled COTD: E-meme-u-lation edition

As any fan-forum user knows, textified images are what emoticons were during the Clinton administration. But whether or not the "I Came" meme originated from a disturbing scene in Todd Solondz's movie Happiness, there's no doubt it's among the most expressive ways to convey online joy.


But when used ironically, and accompanied by a scene-setting narrative — and applied to a teaser shot of the 2012 Toyota Camry — the effect is, well, multitextural to say the least. Our old pal bugattatra understands how these things can, er, come together to make a screamer of a COTD.


Scratch that, it appears I've actually only spilled a nice cup of warm milk on my khakis. I got excited because I haven't ejaculated in a decade. I am TOTALLY getting one of these!


Sweet irony. Is there no chasm you can't, er, fill.

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