When it comes to date movies, on-screen chemistry trumps a strong plot every time. And yet, the most memorable ones, like those from John Hughes in the '80s, add a twist of reality. And it's about to get real up in this post.

Noting the dramatic possibilities of young women stealing school buses while drunk and under emotional duress, Brian1321 emerges as a John Hughes figure for a new generation of reality-based date movies. Action.

Replace her with Zooey Deschanel and the boyfriend with Joseph Gordon Levitt and you've got a sundance winner right there.

Their story is one of heartbreak
"I like, cant be with you anymore." "NOOOO"
But she will win him back because a love this special, needs a special bus
"I love him mom! Im driving this bus to California"
Coming this summer
"I finally got you back." "Uh yea, nice bus. Are you drunk?"
The Short Bus Diaries


(Photo: Susan Stevenson/Shutterstock)