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Sometimes, comedy seems like the simplest machine in the world. You start off, down a sentence, and just when you think you've got the gist, the writer pulls the e-brake. Oh elegant irony, thy name is hardy har har.

Today, after decades of rewarding Commenters of the Day with images of scantily-clad "professionals," $kaycog receives a COTD of her own. Yes, I said "her," (which is secret code for that strangely built, yet alluring creature in the photograph above the calendar hanging on your garage wall). $kaycog's comment stripped bare the essence of humor to its smooth, supple carapace, yielding to a firm grasp of irony. (It also inspired a thread in which a brilliant Jimmy Carr bit emerged.) Someone get Ms. $kaycog a fitting token of gratitude.


I'm glad to see "Booth Professional" being used now. "Booth Babe" is so sexist, and broads really hate that.


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