Eating alone is not a penalty. Yes, company can be wonderful; for many, dining isn't so much about the food as it is the conversation. But sometimes the chance to be alone and contemplative and reflective is something to be savored like a good glass of wine or a dessert.

Busy lives need breaks. People need to get out of the grind. If you get the chance, I highly recommend some thoughtful solitude; just find a good place, have a notebook or something to read, and hopefully you'll manage to find a bit of peace.

And at the least you'll hopefully avoid making a fool of yourself in front of someone you know like how ThePriceofEggsinMalta succinctly compares the result of new-Lamborghini clumsiness to adolescent cafeteria trauma:

All I can picture while reading this story is a middle school kid preening while walking past a table full of girls in the cafeteria... and then tripping over his own feet and face-planting in his spaghetti and meatballs.


Photo Credit: Sifu Renka