COTD: Creepy Prius people person is creepy edition

I spent a lot of my waking hours looking at the bounty of the World Wide Webinars, and it takes a lot for me to push away from the monitor and wonder whether someone spiked my RedBull with psilocybin. Congratulations, Toyota and ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, you've won the "Bunny With A Pancake On Its Head" trophy for this Prius ad, which looks like a bunch of Prii owners engaging in Cirque du Soleil-style group coitii. It's a professionally made, beautifully rendered non-sequitur that will soon be creeping out your family during "House." Even the least Jalopnik commenter puts out better material on a daily basis. The best...well, here's Redbadge's line on the artist who made a paper Mustang to commemorate the car he sold for an engagement ring:

I traded my wife's engagement ring for a Mustang. Now I'm making her a ring out of paper. I hope she'll like it.


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