COTD: Bouncing back edition

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Despite the multiple calamities befalling their land, residents of Japan still appear to possess a steadiness that Americans lose with gusto every year while waiting outside a WalMart on Black Friday. Even the posters explaining radiation levels maintain a cartoon-level approach that seems far more calming that anything U.S. authorities would offer in the same situation. It's those cultural differences that Streetside Stig noted in our post on how samurai steelmakers are Japan's nuclear defenders:

I think Honda used the same techniques to forge my engine. After 22 years and 227k (and a good deal of abuse on my part), it's still holding up beautifully.

I think the Japanese have a sort of obsession with perfect things that you can't find anywhere else. That's why this reactor hasn't gone yet. It's why, though I grieve for their ordeal, I'm not worried about Japan's recovery. They'll apply their obsession with perfection to the rebuilding process, and come back even stronger.


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Not to throw a damper of dark over a great bout of optimism, but the reactors were made by GE and Westinghouse.

Still congrats on a COTD!