Talladega Looks Like One Giant Party And I Love It

What happens when the track goes cold at Talladega? Parties. Everywhere. Even the drivers get into it with massive trailers along Talladega Boulevard. I’ve never been to ‘Dega in person, but this run-through of party central that NBC Sports did with Austin Dillon certainly makes me wish I was there.

Music! Campfires! Giant Mardi Gras necklaces! Some dude in a Gumby suit!

I mean, this whole scene puts every ridiculous college party I’ve ever witnessed to shame in sheer size alone. Everything about this is crazy and good.


This, ladies ‘n’ germs, is the true meaning of a race weekend. Yes, you’re all there for the cars, but the races ultimately serve as a gathering point around which you and your fellow automobile enthusiast may commune in joy and peace.

In other words, party hard with a vengeance.

Just go easy on yourself, ‘k? As Dillon sort of alludes to, nothing sounds worse than trying to watch mad roaring NASCAR V8s with a hangover.


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