Corvette ZR1 Shaves Four Seconds Off Nürburgring Lap Time

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With GM hotshoe Jan Magnussen in the cockpit of Zee Really fast One, the General's hypercar trimmed a staggering four seconds off its previous record-breaking lap time, bringing in a 7:22.4 lap around the 13-mile circuit. Although blisteringly quick, the ZR1's new time still falls short of the Viper ACR's best time of 7:22.1. We don't expect this glorious arms race to end anytime soon — not that we'd ever want these warriors of the raceway to quit duking it out. Guess it depends on whomever ends up owning the Viper brand.



Yea yea yea, the ZR-1 is fast around the ring. Try buying one in the US for list price ($103,000).

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