Corvette ZR1 Police Car Will Kick The Corvette Z06 Police Car's Ass

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We thought the Corvette Z06 cop car the Royal Oak PD is sporting for the Woodward Dream Cruise was impressive. But now they're rolling out the bigger guns with a Corvette ZR1 police car. The cop driving this 'Vette is exactly 26.3% more bad-ass than the Johnny Law in that weak-sauce Z06. Now you hooligans have to roll out some real hardware to even think about keeping up with the boys in blue, much less escaping in the blistering 3 MPH speeds seen at the Dream Cruise. And yes, we were getting the shakes: There were no fresh ZR1 stories for like, 37 seconds.



@tenbeers: Maybe I shouldn't give the police any ideas on what to drive. Around here the FHP already have a bunch of generic SUVs, along with all the leftover Mercury Marauders (in various colors). It's hard enough to decide what you can run past at speed.

@smokyburnout: Great brakes work both ways. Although the BMW may not have as stout of brakes as the ZR1, they can still put your eyeballs through the windshield. The other day I was headed to Miami, I was going somewhere north of 90mph. I saw a white left fender in the trees in the median. Well, apparently my 39 year old reflexes are still fast enough, because I had it down to 75mph, while the guy next to me got pulled. Moments later I saw the other 5 or 6 cops that had a row of cars pulled over