Corvette Stingray Racing Concept: If Sideswipe Were A Race Car

The Corvette Racing program, like everything at GM, is under scrutiny in the Carpocalypse, but this hasn't deterred Bad Boy Vettes from penning this Corvette Racing C7.R concept based off a newly-revealed Autobot named Sideswipe.


The crafty boys over at Bad Boy Vettes sure do know their way around Photoshop, as evidenced by this artist rendition of a proposed Corvette Stingray C7.R based off of the recently revealed Corvette Stingray Concept. It seems like this concept is so aerodynamically balanced it has no need for any kind of aero aids. Either that or the BBV crew just got tired after applying all of those stickers. We commend them for their efforts, but in all reality, this concept will probably never reach production let alone be translated into a potentially doomed racing program.

[via BBV]

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