Corvette Set Ablaze By Fireworks, Project Car Hell Comes To Life

Rich Szatkowski really loved his 1989 Corvette project car. So much so, he spent the entire 4th of July reupholstering the interior and fitting it with a new steering wheel and stereo. As a final touch, he washed the carpet and left a roof panel off so it could dry overnight. Then disaster struck. While the 'Vette was parked in his driveway a stray firework landed inside it, setting the car ablaze. As you can see in the pictures, it was a total loss.

Speaking to a local news station, Rich described the loss, "Oh, God, I loved this thing. I've owned a Corvette since 1972. My heart is broken, it's just...I want another one." Ray paid about $27,000 for the car, investing a further $25,000 in restoring it. The work he was completing earlier in the day was the final stage of that restoration. Because Rich wasn't currently driving the car, it was uninsured. Rich, our deepest and most heartfelt sympathies go out to you. We tip an oil can in your poor car's honor. [via Corvette Blogger]


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