Corvette Museum Gives 1,000,000th Corvette Back To Sinkhole Demons

"We're giving it back to Satan," a Corvette Museum representative told* me earlier today.

Apparently the Corvette Museum didn't like what they found in the one millionth Corvette exhumed from the sinkhole. Dramatic video showed them returning the 'Vette to whence it came.

A Corvette Museum representative described the moment when the historic car first came out of the ground.


"There was a loud grumbling, and the car started to glow neon purple. Jim over here started speaking in tongues and the pop up headlights started rhythmically flashing S.O.S. We decided to put the car back in after old Howard from maintenance started growing tentacles out of his neck and screamed something about Baelzebub coming for us again."

Hopefully the Dark Lord accepts the 1,000,000th car as a suitable sacrifice so that the museum not be visited by demon spirits again.

*never told me.

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Oliver St. John-Mollusc

Needs more giant swinging demon phallus.