Corvette Is Safe From Carpocalypse

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While the Dodge Viper may be dead, and despite some fools saying otherwise, GM CEO Fritz Henderson says the Corvette is here to stay. They're even developing the next-generation C7 according to AutoWeek.


In an interview with Henderson, AutoWeek was able to ascertain certain details about the next-generation sports car, namely that it would arrive sooner rather than later (whatever that means) and it'll be based on further development of the current-gen C6 platform, which itself is derived from the C5 Corvette. Henderson wouldn't elaborate too much on the car other than stating that the C6 is already a superb car and that they (GM) aren't looking to radically advance the engineering of the C7. Could this potentially mean that we'll get a C6.5 before a completely new model in the near future? It's likely, given GM's current financial position. We're just pleased to hear they haven't given up on one of the only exciting products in their lineup. [via AutoWeek]

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