Corvette C6R Replica + Bikini-Clad Babe + French Photographer = Automotive Video Entertainment Gold

The type of guy who drapes a bikini-clad hottie over his Corvette Z06-turned C6R replica is exactly the type of guy GM's building the 2009 Corvette GT1 Championship Edition for.

Teal Metts (Yes, his real name) is the owner of this 2007 Corvette Z06 C6-R replica featuring authentic Corvette Racing-approved graphics, custom front splitter, molded fiberglass rocker panels, waterfall hood, functional tow hooks, custom wheels and a big racy rear wing. He also modified the engine's computer, induction and exhaust (the later, by removing the stock mufflers) for that authentic race car sound. We think it just sounds dirty.


The requisite hot bikini model on hand, Destiny Monique, had this to say about her experience with the car:

Hello, my name is Destiny Monique and I looove this car because I really like fast cars and what else could I be shooting with that's better than a Corvette? I really, really like fast, hot, nice cars.


Well, Destiny, we can think of a few cars better than this Corvette, but we won't worry your pretty little head with that.

[via corvetteconti]

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