Corvette Chase By LAPD Ends With Horrific Crash, Shooting

A driver being pursued in Los Angeles for a possible DUI and reckless driving was killed last night after an intense crash followed by a shooting at the hands of police officers. It's not immediately clear what caused the cops to fire their weapons, but fair warning, the video above is quite graphic.

The chase started before 9:30 PM California time, according to NBC, and ended shortly after 10:30 when the suspect was shot. An LAPD spokesperson says that something definitely prompted the cops to shoot, though from the video above it's entirely unclear what that "something" was:

"There was great concern that he was going to hurt someone severely," LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman said...

"The suspect got out of the vehicle and at that point, something occurred that prompted the officer-involved shooting," Neiman said.


We'll update you if we get more information.

Corvette C6 chased by LAPD ends w/ violent crash, shooting: VIDEO


anyone else catch this police pursuit on live TV earlier tonight? silver Corvette C6 chased by Los Angeles police at high speeds, ending in downtown Los Angeles after the Corvette plows into another car.




i didn't catch it live. instead, when i got home at 1 am i turned on the tv to find an encore broadcast of the 10 pm news covering the live chase. unfortunately, they ended the broadcast early at 10:30 for a sports special. so i went online to see how it ended, and apparently... Corvette guy got shot by cops on live TV.

UPDATE: after reading several people's tweets, take a look at the crash video and see who had the green light. yup, fleeing Corvette had the green, "innocent" car ran a red light... right into a police chase.



the Corvette was heading "up" in relation to the screen direction towards the green light when the other car enters intersection from the "left"

UPDATE 2 - watch the unedited video at your own risk:

Crash happens around 20:30, shooting shortly after.