Corrupt Chinese Official Used Police Helicopter To Photograph Swans

There's corruption, and then there's just being a boss.

China is in the middle of an anti-corruption crackdown and there are some interesting cases showing up in the news. Recently the Wall Street Journal referenced a translated Xinhua feature (read the original right here) that breaks new ground in misusing public resources.

In one incident, an unnamed "important person" rode a police helicopter on a photography trip in central Henan province, hoping to take snaps of swans in the Yellow River during winter, a photography hobbyist told Xinhua. But the trip was ruined, the hobbyist recalled, as noise from the helicopter drove all the swans away.


Have no fear, WSJ and Xinhua, that important person is very much named. He is Qin Yuhai, a senior official in Henan, as the South China Morning Post explains. Xinhua implied that it was he who used the copter; the Chinese government's organ The People's Daily said it outright.

I'm not even mad at this point. I'm impressed.

Photo Credit: Ebb and Flow, an exhibition by Qin Yuhai

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