Cops Keeping $277K Seized From Traffic Stop, To Buy Darkest Glasses Ever

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If you're driving around with hundreds of thousands of dollars in a briefcase you might want to come up with an excuse before you get on the freeway. A 35-year-old British Columbia man was stopped by Washington State Troopers in Seattle and was unable to explain where the money came from. We're going to go out on a limb and say it has to do with the non-British Columbia. Since no one claimed the money, 90% of it goes to a drug enforcement fund and the rest goes to the state's general fund. See, the War on Drugs is working! [News Tribune


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What happened to the idea that the government has to prove that you're doing something wrong before there is a penalty? Seizure laws are out of control in this country. And just because it's "law" doesn't make it right - many jurisdictions have created laws that are really there just to feed state coffers, particularly those of the police. It's a case of the fox guarding the henhouse. Many of these laws don't even require conviction of a crime, where "beyond a reasonable doubt" would be the standard, instead invoking a civil seizure action, which has a much lower standard and simply enforces an unjust law. And this affects Jalopniks in particular, since many of these laws are about seizing cars.