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Cop Impersonator Has Own Police Station

Illustration for article titled Cop Impersonator Has Own Police Station

My daily driver is an ex-cop P71 Crown Victoria, so the reactions of other drivers (not to mention the gentlemen who tend to hang around East Oakland corner liquor stores) let me know that it's pretty easy to resemble a member of the law enforcement community without even trying. However, this Long Island man was trying, and not just with the police vehicle or even the mail-order badges- he set himself up in his own police station. And it goes without saying that he was willing to accept fines for traffic violations on the spot- in cash, natch- plus he needed that guy's SUV for his 'police investigation.' Busted.


Long Island man charged with impersonating cop [Gary Post-Tribune]

Team Police Officer Arrested by Polizei [internal]

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My Crown Vic is a metallic-gold unmarked former detective's car, so no spotlights, push bumpers, etc. It doesn't cause a lot of distraction on the highway (possibly because I'm usually going faster than the other cars, so no "parade" behind me) but I can't count the number of times I've had pedestrians take off running when I roll up to a stoplight in the Oakland or Berkeley flatlands. Copwise individuals know it's the unmarked cars you need to look out for, I guess.

I got the thing because I was getting paranoid about being T-boned by some distracted schmuckola in an Expedition while driving my usual cheap-bastard rice-burning subcompact, but it's actually been a very nice car to drive- comfortable in a no-frills vinyl sorta way, with an authoritative V8 sound, retina-separating brakes- and it stays dead flat through high-speed turns.

When I had a civilian Crown Vic rental car last summer I was stunned by how incredibly sucky the non-cop version really is; Ford has managed to preserve that signature vague, mushy ride 40 years after the peak of the Mushy Ride Era.