(Image: Scott Davidson/Flickr)

West Virginia police officer Marcus David Slauer was arrested by state troopers last week and charged with felony bribery after allegedly having sex with a woman who was trying to get out of a citation.

As AP breaks it down: Slauer pulled a woman over for speeding in Farmington, Marion County, West Virginia where he was on duty. She told him “due to prior sentencing in South Carolina, she faced one to five years in jail if she violated any laws.” Slauer then asked her “to give him a good reason not to write her a bunch of tickets,” according court documents cited by local news.


The same sources say Slauer was offered “several items” before the woman showed him her breasts. The situation then allegedly escalated to the two driving to Slauer’s office at the Farmington Police Department where she gave him a blowjob and had sex with him.

No reports have been clear on exactly how the West Virginia State Police got wind of the transgression. It doesn’t seem likely that the woman in this situation would report it, based on her apparent desperation to get out of a ticket in the first place. But a police station has a lot of cameras in it and contrary to what this story indicates cops are not all idiots– I can’t imagine it would have been hard for somebody in the department to figure out what was going on.

CBS says the incident took place on April 22, and that Slauer has resigned from the Farmington Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Department where he was also sworn in as a deputy. Tristate Update reports that Slauer is not currently incarcerated after posting a $5,000 bail, but no outlets have reported whether the woman in this situation has been or will be charged with anything as well.


The whole story really just makes me sad. Sad to imagine being so desperate to get out of a ticket. Far worse to hear that an individual sworn to protect people and the law would be unscrupulous enough to do something like this. And dumb enough to get caught. Allegedly, of course.