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Here at tha Jalop, we range in age from our late twenties to our mid-forties. Coop, like Mister Spinelli, falls right into the middle of that gap, while we skew a bit younger. But we remember many glorious things from the 1970s that made us deleriously happy as a youngster. True, dreck and crapfulness abounded back then, but really, wasn't Foghat miles better than Creed? Weren't Richard Hell & The Voidoids a thousand times the band that Yellowcard is? And let's face it, Knievel has it all over the Metal Mulisha. Anyhow, the erstwhile Mr. Cooper takes us back 30 years and asks, "Why did these giants vanish from the earth, only to be replaced by bilious actors, slutty anorexic debu-tarts, and insolvent vulgarians with orangutan hair-hats? When will the giants return?" Indeed, Coop. Indeed.

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