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Sometimes, we get annoyed with hot-rodding. Guys either build ridiculously-expensive billet-rods with no style, or cookie-cutter vintage-style rods that are about as original as their tattoos. It's an increasingly-hard medium to work in, because it's become so codified. But when you're Jim "Jake" Jacobs, you don't really worry about that. Jake's one of the legends of hot rodding, having worked for Ed Roth, edited Rod & Custom and founded Pete and Jake's Hot Rod Parts with the equally-legendary Pete Chapouris. And what did he bring out to last weekend's Mooneyes deal? A '34 Ford Fordor sedan. Huh? Click over for Coop's take on the car. We completely agree with him. This thing is an absolute master class in how to build a car correctly. This is a goddamn hot rod.

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