Coo Coo Ka Choo: Daihatsu Coo Now On Sale In Japan

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Toyota's wholly-owned subsidiary Daihatsu priced out and dropped its Daihatsu Coo into the Japanese compact car marketplace today. The Coo's gonna cost between 1.37 million yen and 1.87 million yen, which we think is equivalent to like $10.23. Actually, it exchanges to around $12,265 to $16,771 — roughly equivalent to the price of Nissan's Cube. We can only hope the customizers get a hold of this soon so we can see a Coo-camino to match the Cube-amino. Check out the picture gallery below filled with a tease from our friends at Nihon Car & Bike — and then head over there to see the rest of their cubist goodness.


Daihatsu Sells Coo Compact Car at Same Range as Cube [Bloomberg]
Daihatsu Coo [Nihon Car & Bike]

Holy Nissan, It's The Cube-amino! [internal]

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