Far from the giant balls of twine and gas stations shaped like brontosauri littering this nation's highways, Climax Gentlemen's Club in Congruity, Pennsylvania is a roadside attraction with a far different draw than novelty kitch. It's a drive-through strip club. The club offers traditional adult entertainment, but its claim to fame as the world's only drive through strip club stems from a driveway leading to a lean-to with a diamond-shaped window through which you can watch the entertainment from the comfort of your own car...for a price.
If the car contains a couple (or more), expect to pay $20 a minute; singles pay but $10 a minute, and videotaping the action will get you in trouble. If you're curious, the club is located on the north side of US 22, five miles east of highway 66 or four miles west of highway 981. Don't write in and tell us how it went; we don't want to know. [RoadsideAmerica]