My Pretty, Classy and Driver Focused 2 Series

My M235i Coupe - My Pretty, Classy and Driver Focused 2 Series

3.0-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder

Rear-wheel drive

Base MSRP $43,100

Mineral Grey Metallic $550

Terra Dakota Leather $1,450

Fine-wood trim 'Fineline' Stream $0

Cold Weather Package $550

Technology Package $2,150

18" double-spoke 436M wheels w/ mixed summer tires $0

Manual Transmission $0

Concierge Services $250

harman/kardon premium sound $875

Destination & Handling $925

Total MSRP $49,850

I've had a 1 series. I've driven the new 3-series, with the four cylinder turbo. Here are my reasons for the options chosen:

1. Color and trim - what I like! And my choice is classy and lovely.

2. Engine - The inline 6 is sooo buttery. The turbo 4 sounds like shit.

3. Navigation - since iDrive is standard, might as well add the nav.

4. Manual transmission - I appreciate maximum driving involvement. BMW shifters and clutch engagement are world class.


5. Tires - I did NOT choose the runflat tire accessory. I chose SUMMER TIRES! All seasons tires are for FOOLS in the northeast. Stick with summers in the summer, and throw on WINTERS FOR THE WINTER!

6. Sound system - I chose the upgrade, because the base stereo in my old 1 series sucked.

7. Cold weather package - heated steering wheels are AWESOME! Heated seats are great too.



Ideal Driving location:

Upper Housatonic Valley in Northwest Connecticut. Absolutely one of the most beautiful, serene places I have been, with swift hilly, sinewy tarmac winding through forests and along riverbanks, with a gorgeous backdrop of rolling hills and mountains. Short drive from my home town of New York City and the home of a coveted place where BMW is the Official Car.

Alternate ideal driving location:

A drive north, up Route 225, from Elko, Nevada. Also very beautiful and highly unique, but less convenient than the first choice.

Configure Your Ideal BMW 2-Series And We'll Let You Drive It

The best ideas are often the ones that seem to appear out of nowhere, like when BMW asked us if we wanted to configure a new BMW 2-Series for the local press fleet. We said yes, but we asked if we could let you the reader do the configuring and some of the driving. They said yes to that, too.

In either a moment of genius, or a moment of blissful insanity, BMW press guy Matthew Russell asked if we'd be interested in speccing out one of the cars that BMW orders for journalists to drive.

UPDATE: We selected a winner, story to come when the car gets built.

Unable to agree on what we'd like to see, we decided to turn it over to you. Spec out your ideal BMW 2 Series right here and leave a comment with a picture of your BMW 2er, a link to the built car, a reason why it's perfect, and a description of the places around where you live you'd like to drive it.


That last part is important because they said they'd ship it to either one of their U.S. ports-of-entry (yes, you have to be in the U.S.) and that we could let the person who built the car drive it (under our supervision) so long as we get it back to BMW within the one-week period they normally give a car like this out to journos.

We'll take the car we like best and the area we most want to drive — within safe and reasonable bounds.

So get cracking, we'll pick a car/route next week and reach out to BMW to make it happen. As always, Gawker contest rules apply as well as any other logical requirements.

Oh, and it can be a 228i or an M235i. Just make it perfect.