NorCal M235i Test Drive

As the owner of a current 135i (which I love) and hope to upgrade to a M235i, this would be my ideal configuration if I were to buy a 2-Series. Mineral White with Red interior and pretty much every option other than the cold weather package. And before everyone gives me a hard time for choosing the slushbox, I know how to drive a manual but I commute in California traffic and a manual gets really tiresome. I did it for 20 years before getting my 135i. The auto is faster to 60 and perfect for a daily driver. As for the other options, I'm a bit of a techno-geek so the more toys the better.

More important than the configuration of the car is where I would drive it to test it out. Most people would automatically head out to PCH but there is way too many tourists in RVs and other traffic to enjoy the drive. Instead I would wake up as soon as the sun rises and follow this route along Mines Rd, then to 130 over Mt. Hamilton and onto Calaveras Rd. I'd finish it up with a bit of freeway to get an idea of what it's like at speed. That would be Day One. The rest of the week would take a bit more planning but I am sure I could think of plenty of other great roads to test it on.

Configure Your Ideal BMW 2-Series And We'll Let You Drive It

The best ideas are often the ones that seem to appear out of nowhere, like when BMW asked us if we wanted to configure a new BMW 2-Series for the local press fleet. We said yes, but we asked if we could let you the reader do the configuring and some of the driving. They said yes to that, too.

In either a moment of genius, or a moment of blissful insanity, BMW press guy Matthew Russell asked if we'd be interested in speccing out one of the cars that BMW orders for journalists to drive.

UPDATE: We selected a winner, story to come when the car gets built.

Unable to agree on what we'd like to see, we decided to turn it over to you. Spec out your ideal BMW 2 Series right here and leave a comment with a picture of your BMW 2er, a link to the built car, a reason why it's perfect, and a description of the places around where you live you'd like to drive it.


That last part is important because they said they'd ship it to either one of their U.S. ports-of-entry (yes, you have to be in the U.S.) and that we could let the person who built the car drive it (under our supervision) so long as we get it back to BMW within the one-week period they normally give a car like this out to journos.

We'll take the car we like best and the area we most want to drive — within safe and reasonable bounds.

So get cracking, we'll pick a car/route next week and reach out to BMW to make it happen. As always, Gawker contest rules apply as well as any other logical requirements.

Oh, and it can be a 228i or an M235i. Just make it perfect.