Cone Hits Autocross Driver Back At Solo Nationals

GIF via John Li

The SCCA Solo Nationals is autocross’s biggest show, attracting the best competitors from all over the country. John Li drove a rotary-powered MG Midget this year and admits that he may not have made it to autocross legend status just yet. Li hit a lot of cones. One cone even hit him back.

Li put together this blooper reel of his adventures running in the D Modified class, which he described eloquently on Facebook as thus:

You know what’s boring? Watching people who ran fast runs at Nats, because their lines are similar and they are fast. Why watch fast people drive fast when you can watch me fuck up, over, and over, and over again?

Plus, I get hit in the head with a cone.

Granted, this is one of the coolest, loudest, just-ain’t-care modified Midgets I’ve ever seen, so I have to give him props just for not spinning it repeatedly. It looks like a properly hilarious handful to drive.

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To the cone’s credit, it scored a free ride-along after it flew in the car, and it was a well-behaved passenger once it settled into the right side of the car. I’ll take the cone over a full-size human who pulls too hard on the oh-crap handle any day.

[H/T Matthew via Texas Spokes Sports Car Club!]


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