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A semi-truck spiked a few commuters mornings when it dumped a five-ton slab of concrete onto a divided highway in Virginia at around 5 AM today. Looks like somebody better re-assess their ratchet-strapping skills.

The slabs look pretty substantial, possibly part of an overpass or a bridge? Regardless, it seems like they'd be firmly planted even without straps on a straight bit of road, I'm keen to hear theories on what would have dislodged the 10,000 pound cargo.


One of those awesome semi-truck wrecker/cranes was dispatched to pick up the pieces while a Ford Super Duty wrecker looked on in awe. Both of the larger trucks look like Internationals.

WUSA9 says that the incident took place at the intersection of Route 123/Ox Road and Silverbrook Road in Fairfax Station, Virginia. One lane of Route 123 has been shut down, but no injuries have been reported.

Images: WUSA9

Hat tip to Meta Pettus!

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