Conan O'Brien Somehow Crammed His 6'4" Frame Into A 1962 Fiat 500

Gif: Conan

Jordan Schlansky, an associate producer for Conan, might be best known for asking Harrison Ford how many grips would be on the lightsaber in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But his erudite humor is also well-suited to cars, like this 1962 Fiat 500, which he and Conan O’Brien recently took on a road trip through Tuscany.

“We’re driving around, basically, in an old walnut,” Conan says at one point, “and we’re stuck on a hill.”

Conan, who is famously tall at 6'4", also notes the car’s tiny size, which is part of its charm, of course, since it was purposely built with the masses in mind, though it was also fun to drive, despite its 0.5-liter engine making exactly 15 horsepower.

The one Schlansky and O’Brien acquired is also pretty lovely, considering its age.


“We now have a memory; we now have an experience,” Schlansky tells O’Brien at the end.

“If you lecture me,” O’Brien replies, “the farts are coming back.”

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Man, that driver needs to ease up! This is a road trip! This is serious! At least Conan got a laugh out of him with the farts, but man, I can’t imagine being in the car with such a stick in the mud for more than 10 minutes. And I drive a 500 Abarth!