Competition for DSG: Chrysler to Build Dual-Clutch Gearbox

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Automotive News reports Chrysler, hot for a piece of VW's DSG action, is developing its own dual-cluch gearbox with supplier Getrag for front-wheel-drive vehicles by 2009. It's a major push that could change the transmission sales mix; the company wants to build 700,000 of the auto-manual units per year. It would be the first dual-clutch tranny built in the US, with production slated for a $560 million plant in Bermuda Bahama Kokomo, Indiana the companies are negotiating to build. According to a market researcher named Selecman (seriously), the technology outclasses the company's current automatics, offering better fuel economy, shift quality and durability. It'll be matched with the company's new Phoenix V6 family, due for the 2010 model year, and though there's no word on the company's plan to license the technology, we'd imagine that's pretty much assured.

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