But the same YouTube uploader that put this up, 19Bozzy92, also recently put up video of one of the icons of F1's last turbo era, the Brabham BT52.

These arrow-shaped cars held possibly the most powerful engines in F1 history, BMW’s 1.5 liter four-cylinder turbocharged well above 1,000 horsepower in qualifying trim.


Also that aaaaaaaalmost looks like a modern windscreen proposal on that parmalat-branded Brabham. Almost

Since I’m here listening to old F1 cars, I might as well throw in a V6 from that turbo era. This is a Williams FW11, which took the constructors’ title in 1986 and 1987 as well as the drivers’ title in 1987 in FW11B spec. It’s a Honda V6, 1.5 liters turbocharged.

It’s interesting to hear how the sounds compare after all these years.