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Commenter of the Day: Why We're Here Edition

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Maybe story tellers get better with age. Or, perhaps the stories were that much more interesting back in the day. But is there a single one of us who wouldn't kill siblings for a time machine back to the early 60s just to watch the cars race? Imagine actually being able to see a Shelby Daytona Coupe being unloaded from a carrier; being able to smell the freshly welded metal and paint. I'm typically not one to look backwards, but certain cars are worth a 402nd look. And no matter how many books I read, DVDs HD DVDs Blu-Rays I watch or tales I get told, I will never tire of modern racing's heyday.


Today I put up a little ditty about Auto Futura's "new" GT40 recreation, the Gulf Oil liveried CAV GT. Lighter, faster and better all around than the original GT40, we've been smitten for the past 24 hours over this bad sucker at it's 500 horsepower at the crank 5.6-liter V8. Commenter SRekauqh had only the following to say:

I effing love it.

Both the prosecution and the defense rest your honor.

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For me, it was Jim Hall's Chaparrals.

I still remember sitting behind the house in Indiana, listening to the radio, and barbequing, and hearing my uncles and the neighbors argue about those cars. It's a whole mythology.

I dream of a time when people got out and had an idea, and turned racing on its head with something they cooked up in their own garages. I remember the luxury of sitting all day long listening to a race on the radio, with a leader board and crayons, and placing nickel bets. I remember the first time my grandfather took me to the track, and stood me right by the fence cage to watch me quake at the roar of the engines, and just laugh and laugh.

Thats what those cars do for me.

Zoom baby.