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If you find dominoes too simple and geometrically uninspiring, the game Triominoes adds another angle to the game by subtracting one. Instead of a four-sided gaming piece with two numbers, Triomonies are three-sided and sport three numbers. The game play is similar, although you're forced to match up twice the number of figures and the math's slightly more complex. The amount of skill required's pretty low, which is why it was a favorite game around the Hardigree household when I was young and not quite up for the intense games of Scrabble my grandma would eventually challenge me to. There wasn't much skill went into dmcshinobi's COTD about the not Die-Cast Ruf Porsche, but it did make me laugh.


"This Is Not A Die-Cast Model"

No, but for amateur drivers this thing is a model of how to die or put you in a cast.


Photo Credit: Landerholm

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