Commenter Of The Day: Trepanation Edition

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The act of trepanation is a quasi-medical procedure involving drilling a whole inside a head to cure seizures and other mental disorders. Obviously, this does not typically end well though some strange modern people do it because they think it'll give them some form of enlightenment. Despite the craziness of this procedure, there is a modern version wherein people drill a hole for access or, even, to reduce the pressure in the brain during epidural and subdural hematoma. Because of the negative association with trepanation, they call this a craniotomy. If you decide you need to change your VW Beetle generator's belt in five seconds, you may need to trepanate yourself. Though, as VeeArrSix points out, this may be how it ends up.

Illustration for article titled Commenter Of The Day: Trepanation Edition

Ahhh... Freshman Year. Photo Credit: WIki Commons

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Adamskiy, as seen on TV!

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