It's tough sometimes when you stand there all slackjawed and staring blankly at some agonizingly beautiful work of automotive art- say, an '07 Aston-Martin V8 Vantage- and you realize that only some clueless jerkola who sees such a car as a means of empty wealth-flaunting is going to be able to buy it. That's a sentiment summed up most eloquently by Elhigh...

... who has this to say about why he or she would take the Tempo Matador over the Vantage:
The Matador, because any guy with gold chains in his transplanted olive-oil-scented chest hair can buy an Aston at a convenient dealership. Only the guy who raised, pressed and sold the olive oil truly understands the value of the Matador. And his chest hair is original.
Good work, Elhigh. We like the cut of your jib. Not to say that we wouldn't want a Vantage, mind you, but your argument drops an anvil on the other side of the scale.