Commenter Of The Day: Take My Wife Edition

Comedy most often relies on familiarity or absurdity. This is why jokes about husband and wife are so popular; marriage is at the same time both familiar and a little absurd. Some of our greatest comedic duos have been married couples: Burns and Allen, Luci and Desi, and Roseanne and Tom Arnold. Henny Youngman, King of the One Liners, managed to scratch a lot of jokes out of his betrothed, including the famous "Take my wife... please." Even better than that joke is the classic "I take my wife everywhere, but she keeps finding her way back." What can we say? There's nothing better than a joke that can be finished with "fellas, am I right?" On that note, Al managed a zinger in Raymond's post about the push-back gas pedal from Nissan that's Youngman-esque:

I already have a similar device. My wife.

Am I right... fellas? Ladies? Fellas?

[Photo: Getty Images]


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