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Snagglepuss was the pinkest of Hanna-Barbera's cast of characters, and often used the ear-catching tag line, "Heavens to Mergatroid," whenever something shocking or surprising happened. The origins of the phrase date back to some of the most beloved screen and sound actors of the 1940's. Snagglepuss was voiced by cartoon actor Daws Butler who was known at the time as a wiz at mimicking famous actors for cartoon work.

Snagglepuss' voice was modeled after Bert Lahr, the actor who played the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. Butler worked his background connections to learn of some of Lahr's mannerisms and idiosyncrasies and adopted one of his catchphrases as that of Snagglepuss, "Heavens to Mergatroid." Where Lahr got it from, nobody knows. This leads us to today's news Adrian van Hooydonk would be taking the design reigns at BMW, where A Pimp Named DaveR know's where we got van Hooydonks name:

C'mon, admit it: You made that name up, didn't you!!!!

What's next, Mergatroid von Fantzypantz-Biffleboffle taking over as CEO of Daimler?


Heavens to Mergatroid, no! Everybody knows Spiderman McBurgertime is in line for the top spot at Chrysler. Don't be silly.