Commenter Of The Day: Ruth Crowley Edition

Ann Landers is not a real person but, rather, numerous people writing under a pen name and giving often trite, occasionally incorrect advice. It all started with Ruth Crowley, who used the pseudonym as a way to squeeze out an extra column. She took a small break from writing it but, upon her return, she was able to write for the Chicago Sun-Times and then numerous other newspapers until she died at age 48. After her death, Eppie Lederer (and her sister Dear Abbey) carried on the legacy of advice giving. Slate has been giving out advice about Toyota and we took the opportunity to poke a little fun at their headlines. But, like oddfish, we could only do it because we're so familiar with it.

Dear Prudence,

I recently met a wonderful mid-sized sedan. Things were going good for a while but now I feel that things are moving way too fast. I want to slow down a bit but it just seems like I can't. What should I do?

-Out of Control

Ahhhh comedy jokes.


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