Commenter Of The Day: Ramming Speed Edition

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Who doesn't love a little high-speed humor? Especially when it's linked to a post about a car that was born during the first Roosevelt administration and later, much later, modified for unholy speed. We also enjoy a smidgen of classic SoCal pop and just a whiff of the revivalist fervor that has lately gripped Jalopnik. Guessed it yet? Well, then follow the jump.


Our COTD is 13oostedwagn, who produced this comment, in response to Autorama's 1932 Ford bearing a Viper V10 and laying down 0-60 in—dear Lord—4 sec:

She's my lil' deuce coupe You don't know what she...AHH MY FLESH IS BURNING!!!

Yuk, yuk, yuk...

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Rob Emslie


Good job man. It's quality commentary like this that keeps me coming back day after day.