It's hard to think of a time when someone as benign as Billy Joel could have a song banned, but such was the feigned innocence of the late 1970s. America's cherry had been popped but gay culture wasn't as mainstream and conservative Catholics had to complain about something, so they complained abut Billy Joel's repetitive and unoriginal "Only The Good Die Young." Yeah, he does say "You Catholic girls start much too late, but sooner or later, it comes down to fate. I might a well be the one." But It's not exactly Eazy-E. Even Joel himself said it wasn't anti-Catholic, just "pro-lust." Of course, the banned song helped sell records. Today we asked you to tell us what you'll drive when you're 70. As mytdawg succinctly points out, this assumes you make it that far.

Wow, unpainted pine, really?