Not bound by the need to say nice things all the time, Anthony Bourdain is the Jeremy Clarkson of television travel shows. He has his targets of abuse (Rachel Ray) and a salty tongue. His show No Reservations benefits greatly from the presumed honesty and its humorously compassionate approach - whether drinking Shiner with the Nug or downing special milk in the Kalahari desert. Like Bourdain, TurboRefrigerator doesn't believe a possum next in a car is a bag thing.

@smalleyxb122: I will eat opossum.
Two tips if you intend to eat opossum:

-Feed them veggies for a few days, to flush any carrion out of their system.

-Soak in salt water for 12 hours, then remove any excess fat before cooking them up.

If anybody wants a couple of good opossum recipes, hit me up.

Please, do share.