If you watched the made-for-HBO film Live From Baghdad you may have wondered if the character Naji Al-Hadithi, the sympathetic Iraqi Deputy Information Minister, had any relation to a real person. In the film adaptation, he speaks clear and direct English and appears to by sympathetic to the Americans and merely hopes the country doesn't go to war again. This portrayal, though clearly enforced by the experience of the CNN producer the film and book are based on, runs into some problems. Sabri apparently told the CIA Saddam Hussein was stockpiling weapons and his reports were among the most important justifications for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, though his supporters claim these reports were altered by the CIA. Nevertheless, the complicated character Sabri will probably not get the Car And Driver top post. There could be another former Iraqi spokesperson who Cognitive Friction believes has a better chance.

Baghdad Bob (aka Comical Ali)

"The Japanese automakers are committing seppuku by the hundreds rather than compete with the mighty US auto empire! They will surrender or be burned in their Camrys!"

Please ignore the Apache helicopters and Honda Civics in the background.

Photo: KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images