Commenter Of The Day: John Hodgman Edition

Actor and writer John Hodgman seems like one of those people you really want to know. We've never met him, but since first reading him in McSweeney's we've been curious about this strange man in glasses. He was once literary agent to both Bruce Campbell and Neal Pollack. He appears on both The Daily Show and This American Life, the hipster chronicles of life and thought. He's also performed as a character on Battlestar Galactica and Flight of the Conchords thus earning him nerd street cred. Perhaps most significantly for pop culture editions of Trivial Pursuit in the future, he plays the "PC" in Apple's "Get A Mac" ads alongside Justin Long. The same Justin Long we will now forever think of as Danica Patrick's movie double thanks to Graverobber.


It's a little frightening.

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