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While working on a play out in Los Angeles I tagged along with the director and his wife to check out a costume shop on the outskirts of Hollywood. The place was great, full of props and full-sized super hero costumes. The guy in charge had the girth and long gray hair of someone used to hanging around movies sets and, unprompted, he began to tell us about all the movies he'd been in as an extra and body double. Nothing wrong with that, but he seemed most impressed with his voice work in the charmingly bad sci-fi flick Logan's Run. In the film 21-year-olds enter the "Carousel" where they're killed in order to keep humanity from getting too old and overcrowded. If you listen closely, so he says, you can hear him yelling "Higher, higher, faster!" Our Ray Wert posted the question Grannies vs. Teens: Who's The Scariest Driver? and OA 5599 provided he was on the side of Logan 5 before his change of heart.


Back in his prime, Stirling Moss was one of the greatest racecar drivers in history, but now that he's an octogenarian, he has trouble just driving an elevator.


Hah, references.

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