So we posted a story about Bob Novak running into a guy and Benji made some pretty easy, obvious jokes about both pleading heart liberals (because the guy who stopped him was a lawyer... on a bike) and crazy heartless conservatives (because Novak ran over a dude while driving a black Corvette and kept driving) and some of you took that to be political. Some of you derided Novak as a d-bag and others thought it was cool Novak ran over someone. And, of course, this guy no one has ever heard of resigned from the site. Not sure if he's offended as a liberal or as a conservative, but have fun at LLN or wherever you land. Just to prove we have no political agenda and that overall badass auto mania always rules the Jalop, here's today's bipartisan observation by ShadowGuitar:

Was the Corvette damaged?

We were worried too, but we hear it'll pull through.

[Photo: DonkeyDish]