Before there was the forgettable Will Ferrel version of Kicking And Screaming there was the hilarious, wonderful, and sadly forgotten indy darling Kicking And Screaming by Noah Baumbach — better known for Squid And The Whale and most of the recent Wes Anderson flicks. Lacking both the experience and energy to form unique, personal conversations their discussions mostly revolve around sarcastic questions ("You know, even though all 618 of us were wearing caps and gowns out there today, I couldn't help but think it was a coincidence that we were both wearing black.") and impromptu quizzes ("How many films with a prominent monkey actor can you name?"). It's a bad way to live, but makes for a great movie. Still, there are some questions that need to be answered. We're curious about the owner of this TV-toting Audi R8, but teknoboy66 has a better inquiry.

why would you need a TV if you have an R8?

Great point.